Toothbrushes and Borscht 

Allison’s crankiness continues as she gets more teeth. Her very back ones are coming in and it is starting to get difficult at night because it’s not as easy putting her to sleep. During the day, she stays distracted just fine. I bought her a beginner toothbrush and paste last week but so far I have remembered to use it only a few times. I need to start brushing her teeth when I do mine but by that time she is usually asleep. I wish she understood the habit more but right now the toothbrush is just a toy and the paste is just another snack for her.

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Allison has been very talkative lately. In addition to her way of saying drink, food and car, she has gained quite the vocabulary. A lot of it, I still do not understand because I think she is still trying to figure it out herself. However, she likes to be very repetitive. She also likes to sing and dance and I think that is very cute. She loves to laugh along to her Masha toy and for some reason she is happy every time I say “Na Na Na Na Batman. I am loving the toddler she is becoming and I am excited to see the child she will grow up to be.

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Back At It

It has been a rough day and previous night for Allison. She has a fever again and has been miserable day and night. This winter has been tough on everyone. It hasn’t been much of a winter, but it has brought about a lot of sickness nonetheless. I bought her baby ibuprofen and I hope that allows her to sleep at least for part of the night – both for her sanity and mine as well. I do not know what else to do besides be here to comfort here because she has been attached to me all day. However, I am not able to do much myself and it is draining all of my energy.

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Sad News

Gatlinburg is Up in Flames

These are the recent story headlines about the town of Gatlinburg, the town my family and close friends just visited about a month ago. I normally don’t pay attention to sad news stories due to this fact: they are sad. However, I could not help but notice that parts of the beautiful wooded town that we had just visited were being destroyed. I pray that those that were hurt will be okay and the souls that are dead are in a better place.

#prayforGatlinburg 🐻 click here to: Help The Cause

Mathew 6:31 (ESV) Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’

7 mo Update 

Allison’s physical appearance has been balancing out more lately. I think her chubbiness started going away when she became more active by rolling around and bouncing in her bouncer. Since she is tall, it all balances out anyways. Allison’s thighs are still really chunky and I love it. She is my little pumpkin and I would not want anything to change. Of course, when she starts crawling and walking she will lose some of her baby weight. For now, I’m happy carrying around my 20+ pounder.

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