Very Curious

Allison LOVES her Curious George toy but because I’m a bad mom, I already lost TWO of her George stuffed animals. One that I received as a gift and one that I bought myself. I don’t know how he keeps escaping: I must not hear it when he falls out of the car seat and by the time I notice that he’s gone, it is already too late. I decided to use the Macy’s money I got from a previous purchase to buy her TWO more Curious George toys.

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Teething & Toys

Allison has been drooling lately. A lot. I heardĀ its normal for some babies to drool for no reason. For others, its a sign of teething. Allison does not have any teeth yet, but I feel like the process is starting because it can begin months before the first tooth is seen. In addition, she shows most of the signs of teething from the siteĀ What To Expect. Signs such as biting down on any toy she puts in her mouth and being more irritable during feedings.


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Nursery Details So Far

I’m really excited to see that my nursery is coming along. After my baby shower in December I got a TON of stuff that I needed, for the nursery and beyond. Now, all I need to do is organize everything that I have and continue to purchase things that I still need. I have a long way to go, but the large number of gift cards that I received at the baby shower should help. I have a big family on both mine and my husband’s side so there is a lot of support and help on either side, which is a nice thing to have for a first time mom.

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