Petting Zoo

The local farmer’s market had a little petting zoo today. Although the farmer’s market was a small event, the petting zoo had quite a few animals. There were a lot of sheep, some chicken and ducks, bunnies, a turkey, and a cute little piglet. Allison tried to pet as many animals as she could reach. I am teaching her to love animals, and so far she is not scared of them unless they (usually dogs) come running at her and frighten her.IMG_3875

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Explore the Outdoors

Visiting your local park is a great way to explore the outdoors. There are plenty of city, state, and metro parks in Ohio and a great deal of them in the Central Ohio area. Best of all, most of the activities at the park are free or low cost. There are plenty of things to do in the parks in summer and I plan to going to some of these events. Now that Allison is becoming curious, she will enjoy events where she can look at animals or take a stroll through scenery.


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Zoo Visit

Unlike our last zoo trip, the petting zoo was open this time. This was the highlight of Allison’s day because she really enjoyed feeding and brushing the goats. We spent a good amount of time in the petting zoo and I was able to get a lot of photos of her in there. At first, she didn’t want to touch the goats so I had to slowly ease her into petting them. Once she saw that they weren’t a threat, she was happy to play with them, brush their hair, and even pick up the straw laying around to feed them.

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First Pearls –

I decided to get Allison her first pearl necklace about a week ago. I had planned to get her one long before this, but a good deal recently came up and I decided to use it. A website called has daily deals on all things for yourself, your family and your home. I decided to get this necklace which is already a great price, and I had a $10 off deal AND free shipping in addition. This necklace is made with cultured fresh water pearls so it is perfect for a toddler,as long as she does not break it and choke on it. Since she is under 3, I have to be careful and watch her whenever she is wearing it.DSC_1037

Playing with the lens cap- because children often need a distraction when you photograph them.

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Zoo Day

It was beautiful day today and a large group of us stay at home moms decided to spend it at the Columbus Zoo. It was a little difficult to navigate with 8 adults and more than twice that amount in children, but it was still very fun. We all helped each other with the kids and it was a great exercise. I’m sure the kids all had fun- even the cranky ones that missed their nap times.  Allison rode in a wagon with her cousin and she was good for the majority of the time. She still wore herself out and fell asleep in the car soon after we left for home. I brought my camera along but it was difficult to take pictures because the kids are either always on the move, or there are too many people and things in the background.

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Getting Into The Spirit

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”

This quote does not really apply to my house because we do not have a chimney, and also the stockings are a cheap buy from our very first frugal Christmas. They are hung on the staircase ledge leading to the basement. I plan on buying better ornaments and decorations when we have a more permanent home, but for now what we have will suffice.


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Record High Temperatures

We enjoyed the record high Ohio temperatures on November 18 by going to the park. Since my sister-in-law was going there to do a photoshoot for my cousin, I decided to tag along and help babysit my sister’s kids. This was a really fun trip for Allison and I’m glad she got to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. She loved the playground and was trying to keep up with the older kids. She enjoyed everything from the swings, to a little rock climbing wall, and a toy car.  Also, her four cousins were there to play and that was entertaining for her. With these upcoming winter days, it will be tough getting Allison out in fresh air, especially since she is still very young and prone to getting sick.

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