Huggies Rewards 

So I’ve been doing my Huggies diaper rewards for a while now. Not sure how long exactly but Allison is almost one year old. I do not get on all the time but thanks to the amount of diapers I had to buy, I recently acumulated enough points to get $10 worth of Starbucks gift cards! This is cool because I’m getting rewarded for something I have to buy anyways! All I do is upload the reciepts with Huggies product purchases and make sure I go on the site once in a while to check on my progress. Also, you can do things like read articles and share on social media, which I did to cap off my points and qualify for the gift cards.

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Zoo Lights / Update

One of my favorite things to do in the Columbus, Ohio winter is go see the holiday lights at The Columbus Zoo. This year was my first year with a baby so I wanted to go earlier than sunset (the animals go to sleep later) and see the animals. However, it happened to be Allison’s nap time and she was sleeping in the car ride up until the sun started to set. I think I will buy a zoo membership next summer so I can take her to see the animals and so I will have something to do on boring summer days. The zoo is only 20-25 minutes away from my house so it’s not a bad trip.

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Very Curious

Allison LOVES her Curious George toy but because I’m a bad mom, I already lost TWO of her George stuffed animals. One that I received as a gift and one that I bought myself. I don’t know how he keeps escaping: I must not hear it when he falls out of the car seat and by the time I notice that he’s gone, it is already too late. I decided to use the Macy’s money I got from a previous purchase to buy her TWO more Curious George toys.

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Getting Into The Spirit

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”

This quote does not really apply to my house because we do not have a chimney, and also the stockings are a cheap buy from our very first frugal Christmas. They are hung on the staircase ledge leading to the basement. I plan on buying better ornaments and decorations when we have a more permanent home, but for now what we have will suffice.


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Record High Temperatures

We enjoyed the record high Ohio temperatures on November 18 by going to the park. Since my sister-in-law was going there to do a photoshoot for my cousin, I decided to tag along and help babysit my sister’s kids. This was a really fun trip for Allison and I’m glad she got to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. She loved the playground and was trying to keep up with the older kids. She enjoyed everything from the swings, to a little rock climbing wall, and a toy car.  Also, her four cousins were there to play and that was entertaining for her. With these upcoming winter days, it will be tough getting Allison out in fresh air, especially since she is still very young and prone to getting sick.

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7 mo Update 

Allison’s physical appearance has been balancing out more lately. I think her chubbiness started going away when she became more active by rolling around and bouncing in her bouncer. Since she is tall, it all balances out anyways. Allison’s thighs are still really chunky and I love it. She is my little pumpkin and I would not want anything to change. Of course, when she starts crawling and walking she will lose some of her baby weight. For now, I’m happy carrying around my 20+ pounder.

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