Shopaholic / Mall Reviews

Allison LOVES to go shopping with me, especially when she is in a good mood. We’ve had some meltdowns and times where she is too cranky to put up with it, but usually I can entertain her.
Allison loves to explore and run around the stores. I just have to watch her and make sure she does not get in the way of other shoppers. Usually, I can distract her and make her sit in the cart. She is getting better with this but I often have to carry her around. At places where I have my stroller, she most often sits in it and eats snacks. I don’t mind that she likes to look around at everything as long as she does not make a mess (I always clean up her messes). Allison’s new favorite thing to do at the clothing stores is hide between the racks and wait for me to find her. She likes it so much that she yells when I try to tell her that it’s time to go. đŸ™ˆ

Some of my favorite places to go with her are Kroger (free fruit for kids), Nordstrom (free balloon from kids shoes section), Trader Joe’s (tiny carts she doesn’t want to leave), and Target (they often put some of my drink into a smaller cup for her- I make sure to get non-caffeinated drinks of course). I love going to malls to walk around and get exercise – even if I don’t need to buy anything. Also, the Tuttle Mall and Polaris Fashion Place both have nice indoor places where Allison can release some of her energy.

One thing I do not like about Tuttle is that a lot of stores are going out of business there. That place is slowly falling and it’s sad because it’s in Dublin, which is a nice area. People would rather drive longer and go to either Easton or Polaris. Easton Town Center does not have an indoor play area but it does have outdoor fountains/splash pad, which is really nice in the summer. Maybe they will get a play area soon because the main indoor space is getting remodeled and they haven’t posted what will go there yet. I love Easton because it seems like a bigger area than Polaris to walk around in. One good thing about Polaris is that the majority is indoor so it is good for colder and rainy weather. 

I stick to my usual stores on some days, but on others I like to go to new places and try new things. Columbus has a lot of places- shopping and other- that I have yet to visit.

Philippians 3:19 ESV Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.

Ohio State Fair

Last week, I took Allison to the Ohio State Fair. This was her second time going and this year it was even more fun than the last. I went with the same people (my little brother and two cousins) in addition to my friend this year. I got to do more this year because I was more prepared and wrote down what times some of the cool events were. This year, we visited many of the event buildings with animals, saw the petting zoo, visited the Natural Resources park for the first time, and had a picnic in the central park.

A friend working at the fair gave the kids free ice cream!

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