Summer Daze

It is not quite summer yet but it sure feels like it. Allison and I have visited a fair share of libraries and parks so far. As it gets hotter, we will start to add pools to that list of activities. And festivals. Today was a busy Friday. First, on our way to go to Schiller park with some friends, Allison and I visited yet another branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Recently, I visited what I hope will become my favorite branch- the Hilliard one- to pick up some reserved items. After, that same day, I went to Homestead Park not too far away. This park was busy and very fun. Today, Schiller park was also very busy. There was some sort of summer program at the recreation center so the park was filled with elementary aged kids for the majority of the time we were there.

Downtown Columbus, Ohio Supreme Court

At first, all of our kids saw and even fed the ducks. My friend had three kids with her so she had more to keep an eye on. Some other parkgoer was nice enough to share his bird feed with us and the kids ready enjoyed feeding the ducks. Then, we walked around a bit and decided to go to the crowded playground area. The baby swings were mostly free so that was nice. Allison had missed her nap that day so she was being cranky. Other than that, Schiller park was nice and I enjoyed the time there.

My friend needed to go home after the park, but I decided to go to the Columbus Arts Festival to see my cousin. Allison fell asleep in the car, on the walk to the festival area, and was asleep most of the time we were there. Until she woke up, I was able to chat with my cousin and see her son for a bit. I also saw an old neighborhood friend so that was very nice. It’s a small world. I had to leave soon after Allison woke up because my meter was expiring. On our walk back, she did get to see Clifford so that was fun for her. I planned on getting exercise today and I did get it so I’m happy about that.

My cousin from Montana is visiting for a week so I am excited to spend time with her. I haven’t seen her in over a year. My husband and I went to Montana when I was pregnant with Allison and I haven’t seen my Montana cousins since then. Until now. I’m not sure what my weekend plans are but I hope they are as fun as this Friday- it gave my weekend a great start.

Columbus Arts Festival
Schiller Park
Columbus Metropolitan Library- Parsons Branch
Homestead Park

Mathew 5:14 ESV You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.


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