Berry Sweet

We missed strawberry picking this year but Allison and I did get to go pick some blueberries. It was our first time doing this and it was a fun experience. Allison helped in both the picking and the tasting parts. Blueberries are not my favorite fruit so I did not get a whole bucket full, like my friends did. There was a farm close by that had raspberries- a fruit I love- but I had to get home and make lunch so I could not make the trip.


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Summer Daze

It is not quite summer yet but it sure feels like it. Allison and I have visited a fair share of libraries and parks so far. As it gets hotter, we will start to add pools to that list of activities. And festivals. Today was a busy Friday. First, on our way to go to Schiller park with some friends, Allison and I visited yet another branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Recently, I visited what I hope will become my favorite branch- the Hilliard one- to pick up some reserved items. After, that same day, I went to Homestead Park not too far away. This park was busy and very fun. Today, Schiller park was also very busy. There was some sort of summer program at the recreation center so the park was filled with elementary aged kids for the majority of the time we were there.

Downtown Columbus, Ohio Supreme Court

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Reading Club

The local library has a summer reading club and I signed up both me and Allison. I hope this will get us to read more books this summer instead of watching tv. My library also does program called Zinio for Libraries by Zinio LLC. I can “borrow” a bunch of great magazines for the app and can also download them for offline reading. I love magazines and this way I don’t have to subscribe to all of my favorites. I have a few print subscriptions but I am glad I can read some others I like online for free. This app is great because it works on my iPhone, and I know a lot of e-magazines are iPad only.

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