Zoo Visit

Unlike our last zoo trip, the petting zoo was open this time. This was the highlight of Allison’s day because she really enjoyed feeding and brushing the goats. We spent a good amount of time in the petting zoo and I was able to get a lot of photos of her in there. At first, she didn’t want to touch the goats so I had to slowly ease her into petting them. Once she saw that they weren’t a threat, she was happy to play with them, brush their hair, and even pick up the straw laying around to feed them.

In addition to the petting zoo, we had a blast feeding the giraffe. Allison did it all by herself this time. We also went to see the gorillas- Allison’s first time and mine in a while. The gorillas put on a good show for us with the baby doing the classic “monkey bars” routine for us. When Allison got under the fence and went to the glass window, the mom and baby gorilla climbed down from their perch and ran to her to greet her. This kind of scared Allison and she ran away. It was really nice to see the gorillas interacting with the humans, and they seem to like kids.

This zoo trip was a short one but it sure didn’t feel like it. I went with a friend and her mom so having four kids between the three adults was not too difficult to handle. We were able to speed walk and see a lot of animals including the camels, bison, lions, bears, and more. This day, the mom polar bear that had twin cubs was out with her babies. It was really fun to see how one little cub was laying by the mom bear while the other one was playing independenly. Then, the sister cubs starting to play-fight with each other and that was really cute.

If the opportunity comes up again, I will definitely go to the zoo more. It doesn’t get old and there are always opportunities to experience something new or see the animals in a different way. It is a great exercise and a fun time for all ages so that’s why I love the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.

Psalm 50:10 NASB For every beast of the forest is Mine, The cattle on a thousand hills


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