Daily Schedule 

Since I am a stay at home mom, my daily schedule tends to vary. On most weekdays, I get up around 7:45 to make breakfast and pack a lunch for my husband. He works the typical 9-5 job, with varying hours here and there, so I pack his lunch to save money. He usually gets a sandwich (a fate I would not mind) because he does not yet have a microwave or a cooler in his work van. Usually, shortly after he leaves for work, Allison gets up and I make her some snacks, a bottle of milk, and put on some cartoons to keep her occupied. She also plays with her toys at this time, while I try to get some more rest- not really sleep because she likes to go to me every few minutes, but rest nonetheless. Around noon, Allison takes a nap. If we are out and about at this time, she sometimes misses her nap. I make her lunch around this time and then I eat something myself and have coffee. I like to make iced coffee at home from chilled brewed coffee from previous brewings. It tastes just like the iced coffee from Starbucks since I have caramel syrup as well. I am really happy that I have the option to make it at home. Then, I will play with Allison or we will go out with family, friends, or to run errands. My favorite store to go to is Kroger because it is very close by and there is always something I’m forgetting either for dinner or otherwise. I usually make multiple trips a week here. I should probably memorize the names of the workers since I see them so often. This Kroger has a Starbucks as well so if I do not make coffee at home, I get it here.

Sometimes during the day, I will catch up on my shows on Netflix. Allison has a bunch of toys in multiple rooms of the house so I can keep her entertained in a lot of areas. Now that it is starting to get warmer, we will be outside more often. We have not taken out our bikes since vacation so I cannot wait until it is warm enough to keep them out and have them ready to ride. I also want to get a kiddie pool for Allison when it starts to really warm up. Right now the afternoons are spent indoors, unless we have somewhere to be. I will clean or do the laundry during these weekdays (and sometimes on weekends). My husband works in construction so we have a lot of laundry just with his work clothes, but it is very easy to wash because it all gets washed in cold water. The drying part is an all day thing, however, because our dryer only works in half hour increments. I usually have to be home to turn it on again and again, or else the clothes will start to smell. Allison takes another nap around 5. Sometimes she misses this nap as well so I have my husband put her down for a nap when he gets home. For dinner, I either thaw something and cook it when my husband gets home, or I have something simmering in the slow cooker. Some days we grill while others I forget or do not have time to make dinner, so we end up ordering food or making something quick from the freezer. My husband is not picky at all with his food so I am really lucky. The whole family is actually not that picky so we are all easy to please come mealtime.

After we have dinner, my husband either works on the house or cars or he relaxes on his phone. Recently he has been relandscaping the house, which is something that really needed to be done. Usually the afternoons are spent with him, and sometimes I will have him play with Allison while I do some chores like the dishes. My husband does not really want to go anywhere after work because he’s always too tired. In the summertime, I will try to get him to go on walks with us or ride bikes around the neighborhood. We have our time to relax and watch shows after Allison finally falls asleep- usually around 11-12 at night.

This is a typical daily schedule, but also varies from time to time. On the weekends, we do random things on Saturdays and on Sundays there is church.

Hebrews 11:1 NLT Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.


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