Zoo Visit

Unlike our last zoo trip, the petting zoo was open this time. This was the highlight of Allison’s day because she really enjoyed feeding and brushing the goats. We spent a good amount of time in the petting zoo and I was able to get a lot of photos of her in there. At first, she didn’t want to touch the goats so I had to slowly ease her into petting them. Once she saw that they weren’t a threat, she was happy to play with them, brush their hair, and even pick up the straw laying around to feed them.

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Beautiful Weather

I’ll settle for the stormy nights if it means hot and sunny days. Lately, this has been the case. Flowers are starting to bloom and the grass is getting greener (and needs a mowing more often). Allison loves it outside. One of the days this week, we went to a friend’s house for a pool day. She had a bunch of activities set up in the yard for the kids to play and they had a blast. I am planning to get a little pool of our own for the backyard so I just have to go to the local dollar store store and buy it. I think Allison will enjoy cooling off in the hot sun. Continue reading “Beautiful Weather”

Daily Schedule 

Since I am a stay at home mom, my daily schedule tends to vary. On most weekdays, I get up around 7:45 to make breakfast and pack a lunch for my husband. He works the typical 9-5 job, with varying hours here and there, so I pack his lunch to save money. He usually gets a sandwich (a fate I would not mind) because he does not yet have a microwave or a cooler in his work van. Usually, shortly after he leaves for work, Allison gets up and I make her some snacks, a bottle of milk, and put on some cartoons to keep her occupied. She also plays with her toys at this time, while I try to get some more rest- not really sleep because she likes to go to me every few minutes, but rest nonetheless. Around noon, Allison takes a nap. If we are out and about at this time, she sometimes misses her nap. I make her lunch around this time and then I eat something myself and have coffee. I like to make iced coffee at home from chilled brewed coffee from previous brewings. It tastes just like the iced coffee from Starbucks since I have caramel syrup as well. I am really happy that I have the option to make it at home. Then, I will play with Allison or we will go out with family, friends, or to run errands. My favorite store to go to is Kroger because it is very close by and there is always something I’m forgetting either for dinner or otherwise. I usually make multiple trips a week here. I should probably memorize the names of the workers since I see them so often. This Kroger has a Starbucks as well so if I do not make coffee at home, I get it here.

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