First Pearls –

I decided to get Allison her first pearl necklace about a week ago. I had planned to get her one long before this, but a good deal recently came up and I decided to use it. A website called has daily deals on all things for yourself, your family and your home. I decided to get this necklace which is already a great price, and I had a $10 off deal AND free shipping in addition. This necklace is made with cultured fresh water pearls so it is perfect for a toddler,as long as she does not break it and choke on it. Since she is under 3, I have to be careful and watch her whenever she is wearing it.DSC_1037

Playing with the lens cap- because children often need a distraction when you photograph them.

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Zoo Day

It was beautiful day today and a large group of us stay at home moms decided to spend it at the Columbus Zoo. It was a little difficult to navigate with 8 adults and more than twice that amount in children, but it was still very fun. We all helped each other with the kids and it was a great exercise. I’m sure the kids all had fun- even the cranky ones that missed their nap times.  Allison rode in a wagon with her cousin and she was good for the majority of the time. She still wore herself out and fell asleep in the car soon after we left for home. I brought my camera along but it was difficult to take pictures because the kids are either always on the move, or there are too many people and things in the background.

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Spring is in the air.

There are days where the weather warms up, and others where the cold feels bitter. The good days are starting to out-number the bad and I am very excited about this. I am already deciding on summer plans because there are many days in summer and I plan on spending a lot of them out of the house. Some places I want to visit with Allison are local coffee shops, the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, plenty of pools and more. I might also go to the Arts Festival again this year because last year Allison was still a baby and she did not get to enjoy it much. Also, I will definitely be going to the Ohio State Fair again this year. Last year, Allison got to ride a pony and I think she would like to do that again this year, as well as many other things. The fair is family friendly so it is a fun thing for all ages. I would also like to visit more of the parks in Columbus and in the surrounding areas. One of my favorites so far is Schiller park in German village because it has a lot of shops nearby that you can walk to to grab a book or a delicious cup of coffee.

FullSizeRender 15
A day at Gantz park in Grove City.

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Happy Easter!

I guess I never remembered how big of a family holiday Easter is. These past few years while married (and many years before that),  I do not remember celebrating in any special way. This year, however, we went to my brother’s house and had a big Easter dinner there. I had made lasagna and birds milk jello for the party. Both of these recipes are delicious, loved by many and make great party dishes.


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Perfect Pet?

So far, Allison has technically only had two pets. One was a dog we had to give up when Allison was only a few weeks old because it was too difficult to take care of both an indoor dog and a newborn baby. The other was a fish that Allison got as a party favor at a birthday party. After the fish died, I did not bother to get another one because Allison did not have much interest in it anyways. We have visited the local pet stores a few times to play with the puppies. Allison likes looking at them when they are in cages but when they are let out to play, she gets cautious and does not approach them anymore once they get jumpy. Maybe she just has to warm up to them because she gets a little scared of the energetic puppies.

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