Hallandale Beach

Overview: We are more than halfway into our vacation and it has been filled with a lot of fun, sun and adventure. Allison loves swimming and enjoys playing in the sand even more. She is a little scared of the ocean but she likes swimming in the pool after she warms up to the idea. At the beach, she just plays in the sand and tries to either fling it at people or eat it. She’s also had her fair share of sandy grapes and other snacks on this trip. I’ve been using a 50spf baby sun screen but I think Allison got some color regardless. I don’t mind if she gets a little messy or sandy because it’s nothing a quick bath can’t wash off. The most annoying part of the sand and ocean though is that it causes her to get rashes quicker and I have to be more careful to prevent them.


Hallandale Beach: The beach itself is just how I remember it from a few years ago. Not much has changed and that is both good and bad. Some of the good things are that the water is nice, we know the area and nearby Russian store well and Hallandale is a good distance between Hollywood Beach and Miami. This year, we discovered another Russian store called Europa Gourmet (last time we only knew about Matryoshka) which has a great and fairly priced selection. We also visited Arts Park in Hollywood for the food trucks on Monday night and that was fun. Some things that didn’t change for the better are the way that people drive here (without turn signals or regard for other drivers) or the fact that the stretch of sand in Hallandale is not very long. The sand in Hollywood Beach and Miami makes up for it, however. Overall, I really enjoy being in Hallandale, or else I would not go here year after year. The fact that it is in southern Florida also makes it an ideal spot for Spring Break because it is warmer the furthur down Florida’s coast you go. One year, at around this same time, my family vacationed in Daytona Beach and the weather was not as nice. I was thinking about going to Zoo Miami on this trip but decided against it because the drive is too far.

Biking: We were really able to enjoy the bikes we brought along on the trip. It was something I had to get used to because I haven’t been on a bicycle in years and I still don’t have the gear shifting mastered. However, it was still fun and a great exercise. We took the bikes to the stores, to a nearby park and just to cruise around the town home parking lot. The trailer we bought was nice for Allison and she even fell asleep in it a few times. Other times, my husband or I would just hold her and cruise her around on one of the bikes. This was fun for her and helped during the times that she was cranky. I will definitely enjoy bike riding around my neighborhood once the Ohio weather warms up and I figure out how to put on the trailer myself.

Things To Do: 

  • South City Beach Park
  • Food Truck Mondays at Arts Park Hollywood
  • Food Truck Tuesdays at South Beach Miami
  • Live music at night at Hollywood Beach Boardwalk
  • Aventura mall in Sunny Isles
  • Collins Avenue shopping in South Beach Miami (Zara, Dash, H&M,etc.)
  • Bal Harbour Shops in Miami
  • South City Beach Park in Hallandale

Psalm 118:14 (NIV) The LORD is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation.


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