Allison has been very talkative lately. In addition to her way of saying drink, food and car, she has gained quite the vocabulary. A lot of it, I still do not understand because I think she is still trying to figure it out herself. However, she likes to be very repetitive. She also likes to sing and dance and I think that is very cute. She loves to laugh along to her Masha toy and for some reason she is happy every time I say “Na Na Na Na Batman. I am loving the toddler she is becoming and I am excited to see the child she will grow up to be.

FullSizeRender 14

I am introducing her to all and any foods and she seems to like everything as long as it is not too spicy. I gave her some chili lime chips for her to try but she refused to eat them after she got the initial taste of them. As long as she eats enough to be healthy and is not too picky, I am okay with it. I give her milk now and hope to be fully weaned by vacation (at the end of this month). It has been a struggle these past few days for both me and her but I think it will start getting better if she learns to sleep through the night without having to eat. This way, I can also sleep through the night and we can start getting up earlier together. I want to start getting out of the house more- or at least be more active. I also want Allison to have an earlier bedtime, so I am hoping that getting up earlier will help wear her out throughout the day.

Right now Allison loves all of her toys and does not have many favorites besides her Masha and Bear and Curious George. She loves to play in the ride-on car she got for her first birthday. She continues to be friendly to strangers, especially kids, unless she is having a bad day and will only want my attention. A lot of people still mistake her for a boy sometimes because they do not care to ask, but on the other hand I do not care enough to put on a bow all the time. I made her so many bows and most of them are lost or ruined. The weather has been indecisive lately so I am counting down the days until vacation. Regardless, I am still trying to live day by day and remembering to count my blessings.

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Proverbs 15:29 ICB “The Lord does not listen to the wicked. But he hears the prayers of those who do right.”


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