Hallandale Beach

Overview: We are more than halfway into our vacation and it has been filled with a lot of fun, sun and adventure. Allison loves swimming and enjoys playing in the sand even more. She is a little scared of the ocean but she likes swimming in the pool after she warms up to the idea. At the beach, she just plays in the sand and tries to either fling it at people or eat it. She’s also had her fair share of sandy grapes and other snacks on this trip. I’ve been using a 50spf baby sun screen but I think Allison got some color regardless. I don’t mind if she gets a little messy or sandy because it’s nothing a quick bath can’t wash off. The most annoying part of the sand and ocean though is that it causes her to get rashes quicker and I have to be more careful to prevent them.


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Toothbrushes and Borscht 

Allison’s crankiness continues as she gets more teeth. Her very back ones are coming in and it is starting to get difficult at night because it’s not as easy putting her to sleep. During the day, she stays distracted just fine. I bought her a beginner toothbrush and paste last week but so far I have remembered to use it only a few times. I need to start brushing her teeth when I do mine but by that time she is usually asleep. I wish she understood the habit more but right now the toothbrush is just a toy and the paste is just another snack for her.

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Biking in Florida

The place my family will be going to vacation in two weeks is walking distance to a few places like Starbucks and Walmart. This year, however, my husband thought it would be a good idea for us to bring along bikes. That is why he bought me a new (used) bike and is planning on taking the one he has along as well. We also bought a bike trailer so Allison can come riding with us. The Schwinn trailer he got fits two kids so Allison’s cousin Liana (whose family is also going on vacation with us) can ride as well. I think bringing bikes will be a nice change and will give us a chance to exercise more on vacation and enjoy the nice weather in Florida while not being cooped up in a car for most of the time. Of course, we will still have to take the car to Miami because the ride is still quite long.


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Allison has been very talkative lately. In addition to her way of saying drink, food and car, she has gained quite the vocabulary. A lot of it, I still do not understand because I think she is still trying to figure it out herself. However, she likes to be very repetitive. She also likes to sing and dance and I think that is very cute. She loves to laugh along to her Masha toy and for some reason she is happy every time I say “Na Na Na Na Batman. I am loving the toddler she is becoming and I am excited to see the child she will grow up to be.

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