Back At It

It has been a rough day and previous night for Allison. She has a fever again and has been miserable day and night. This winter has been tough on everyone. It hasn’t been much of a winter, but it has brought about a lot of sickness nonetheless. I bought her baby ibuprofen and I hope that allows her to sleep at least for part of the night – both for her sanity and mine as well. I do not know what else to do besides be here to comfort here because she has been attached to me all day. However, I am not able to do much myself and it is draining all of my energy.

We had a nice day at the mall a few days ago but then everything started to fall when we got home that night. It began with Allison becoming cranky at the stores and refusing to nap. I felt her forehead and night and noticed that she felt hot but my husband thought it was fine and let it go. Then, that night Allison was restless and would not get good sleep, which resulted in me being restless and sleepless as well. Today, since I bought her medicine, she’s been a tad bit better but still has a fever and runny nose. I hope that the medicine and helps her tomorrow because I do not know if I can handle another night of this. It is getting really frustrating because nursed babies are supposedly meant to have better immunities, but with the amount of times Allison has been sick I know that this is just a bunch of BS told by nurses.

On another note, the weather is supposed to be much nicer tomorrow and for the next week so I am really excited about that. I hope Allison gets well enough to enough the change in weather. We also have her cousin Liana’s birthday party coming up on Sunday so I do not want her to be sick for that.

Guess who just woke up from their 10 minute sleep session? This girl will not let me catch a break and she’s trying to help me type right now so I have to go.

Isaiah 41:10 (NIV) So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


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