New Years (to do list)

We all know that people rarely follow through with their New Years resolutions. That is why I’m calling mine a “to do list”. This way, I can check each thing off when I’m done and feel better about each completion. Little goals are the way to get things done.

  • Have a cleaner house. (more organized, less junk)
  • Get husband to complete outstanding projects around house- bathrooms, doors, basement, laundry room, odd unpainted areas.
  • Teach Allison to love books.
  • Read the bible all the way through.
  • Get a new washer and dryer!
  • Move?  See options. (there is a house with land we really want)
  • Cook more authentic Ukrainian foods.
  • Finish my knitting projects BEFORE winter is over. (forgot about this one 🙈)
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Feel comfortable in dresses.
  • Go on vacation. Any vacation at all…
  • Practice more photography.
  • Take college classes.
  • Be a better wife and mom!

What are some of YOUR to-do-list items?

Proverbs 16:27 (TLB) Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece


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