Record High Temperatures

We enjoyed the record high Ohio temperatures on November 18 by going to the park. Since my sister-in-law was going there to do a photoshoot for my cousin, I decided to tag along and help babysit my sister’s kids. This was a really fun trip for Allison and I’m glad she got to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. She loved the playground and was trying to keep up with the older kids. She enjoyed everything from the swings, to a little rock climbing wall, and a toy car.  Also, her four cousins were there to play and that was entertaining for her. With these upcoming winter days, it will be tough getting Allison out in fresh air, especially since she is still very young and prone to getting sick.

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Cabin Getaway

Last weekend, my family went to a cabin getaway with a big group of other couples and their kids. We visited cabins in Gatlinburg, Tennessee around the Smoky Mountains National Park area. Allison loved this trip because we had a huge group with us (7 couples including us) and there were a lot of babies for her to play with. With both family and friends amongst us, the group as a whole got along very well. Continue reading “Cabin Getaway”