6mo Update / Ohio State Fair

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A lot has changed since Allison turned 6 months old. She has grown not only physically but mentally as well. She is becoming very smart and perceptive. Allison is starting to recognize more things and people and sometimes I tend to forget that she is still a little baby.

She loves looking at people in person, in pictures, and on the television as well. She likes to makes noises when she sees them as if she’s trying to talk to them, because she is so excited. We are also currently practicing to stand (assisted) and crawl. For crawling, she does not move much but if I put something that she wants out of reach, she will try to reach it. Either by kicking her legs or by twisting her body sideways. Allison enjoys being thrown up in the air much more now than she used to. Before, she would tense up from the speed but now she squeals in joy. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m always being playful with her and doing the “wee” sounds when I toss her in the air. Another thing that Allison enjoys doing is “singing.” When I sing to her, she sometimes tries to mimic me and it is one of the cutest things.

The Fair

Going on a random Wednesday had its advantages. If you care to look, there are actually a lot of good deals and activities that you can find that will make your trip cheaper and more fun. We got the Mattress Firm double discount so we got two people for the price of one. Also, the tickets were discounted on this day as well. Parking was the least favorable thing of the trip because I did not plan ahead and the GPS decided to lead me to a road that was blocked off. I had Allison, my little brother, and our two cousins with me so driving around lost was not ideal. Eventually, after driving around a few neighborhoods, we parked at some local place that was offering (normally towable) parking spots for five dollars. The actual fair experience was very nice. We were at the entrance that was close to Kiddieland so the first thing we did was take Allison on a pony ride. She enjoyed it and it will be a great memory for when she is older and can understand them. The heat that day started out alright but soon it became really hot. I didn’t mind myself because I love summer, but it was tough on Allison, especially when she was sleeping in her stroller.

The fair has two nursing stations for breastfeeding mothers and I thought that was really nice. I actually ended up using both of them at one point. They are also baby changing stations so you do not have to be a nursing mom to enjoy the benefits of the air conditioned rooms. The fair is very accessible so people with wheelchairs/strollers can get around and enjoy everything. Allison enjoyed the petting zoo and the many other buildings with animals (livestock, cattle, etc.) and activities that we went through. Mostly, I wanted to go inside the buildings for the AC but they ended up being fun for the kids and educational for me.

We did not try much of the fair food. I did try a deep fried gummy bear, from Gobbling Gourmet, that I had heard about on a television show a few days prior. I don’t really care for fried foods but this wasn’t too greasy. It was more gooey and sticky than anything else but it was also good. My cousin got a lemonade from one of the many stands, and that tasted good as well. I didn’t plan on buying much so I brought some drinks and snacks from home that we had throughout.

Overall, it was a fun day and a great workout. The kids helped me a lot with both Allison and with pushing her stroller when I decided to carry her. We tried to do as many free (and some paid) activities as we could do that it would be a fun filled day. We watched pig races from Missouri and the kids played put put golf. They went on a Ferris wheel ride and tried some of the prize games. We all had fun taking pictures by the multiple photo props/spots that were all throughout promoting the fair. Since Allison is still very young, the photos will be proof that she enjoyed the fair. When she is older, I’m sure we will go again and she will enjoy that even more.

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Psalm 118:24 (ESV) This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


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