Teething Troubles

Guess who has two emerging teeth? My not-so-little-anymore baby girl. Teething began at the end of our vacation and now Allison’s two bottom chompers are coming in. This is causing a TON of drooling, the biting of anything she can get a hold of, and constant whining when her gums are bothering her.

At this point, I only give her the Orajel at night because during the daytime I can usually distract her from the pain. I am not completely sure if the teething gel helps but it probably does. My memory is not the greatest thanks to the 100s of things I have running through my mind since I’ve had Allison. I got the Orajel as a gift and it is not a super expensive product if you would like to try it out. A lot of people suggested the teething tablets but since I had the gel already, I decided not to purchase the tablets.

The way that Allison takes her pacifier right now is by holding and chewing on it as if it were a teething toy, instead of sucking on it like any other baby. I do not really mind though because at least she’s getting a good use out of her pacifiers. Although it is really messy, Allison likes her Boon silicone feeder when it is filled with frozen foods. Of course, any cold thing in moderation can help a teething baby find some relief and help the mother regain some sanity. Because of a glitch in the system, I got the feeder for only a penny at the Nordstrom store. If it were not for the price, I wouldn’t have tried it because she did not really like the Munchkin mesh feeder I bought her before. I thought this one would be the same but I was surprised and glad to find out that it was better. Allison has plenty of other teething (and non-teething) toys that I hope will get us through this milestone.


JPEG image-40D24D8A5101-1

Ephesians 6:4 (KJV) And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


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