Fun In The Sun

A few of Allison’s favorite vacation activities included eating sand and watching other kids splash around in the pool. Basically, she loved every part of her first vacation. My activities included the constant reapplying of sunscreen, multiple hat pickups and many more responsibilities that come with having a baby. Regardless, Allison is a total beach baby with an included beach body.

Three swimsuits were plenty enough for a week long stay at a beach. While one was being worn, the other two were drying and getting ready for the next wear.


The first two swimsuits are from Janie and Jack sizes 12-18 months (Allison is big for being 5 months) and the other one is Carters -sized 9 months- but I got it, coverup included, for cheaper at TJ Maxx.

Traveling With Baby

Since we decided to drive during the night, Allison slept most of the way to and from Florida. On the way there, she woke up once during the night to eat for a long stretch and then she fell back asleep. When the night turned to day, she woke up again and then I had to feed and entertain her for the last few hours until we got to our destination. Because of the breastfeeding, I wasn’t able to drive much and my husband had to do most of it. This, and the fact that my dad was driving by himself in another car, are the reasons why we had to stop and take a nap halfway through the trip. The trip home was a bit more difficult, even though we drove at night as well. Although I did not know it yet, Allison’s tooth was emerging and she was cranky so I had to entertain her longer this time around. At night, she still slept for a bit but as soon as it got light out she woke up and would not sleep for a long stretch after that. I even tried driving while my husband sat in the back with her but that did not last very long. Allison needed the comfort of her mother in the cranky stage of teething.

St. Augustine Beach

This was our first time to this particular beach, which is about an hour north of Daytona. The beach itself had nice waves and a long stretch of sand perfect for laying down or collecting seashells. Somewhat clear, the water was filled with tiny fish that swam along with the tides, but it did not have any seaweed (thankfully). There was a walkway over the dunes that lead from our condos to the beach and that was convenient as well as scenic. There were turtles, passion fruit plants and other natural things along the path.  Allison really enjoyed playing with the white sand, dipping her toes in the salty ocean water, and splashing around in her floaty in the refreshing condo pool that was cleaned every morning before its opening. Having my parents and two siblings there was really nice because they were able to watch Allison any time I wanted a little break or wanted to go out with my husband. For convenience, there are multiple roads that lead to public beach access. You can drive up your car and park it along the beach for the day.


We stayed at Ocean Village Club Condos and our unit was clean and very close to the beach and pool. It was decorated appropraitely with themes like lighthouse and cruise ship. Some of the units are pet friendly so if you like animals this is a good place to meet some new furry friends. However, if you do not like animals, you do not have to worry because the pet owners clean up after themselves and the dogs were not annoying during the night. Condo amenities include two nicely sized pools, private gated access to the beach, a tennis court, and two grilling locations. There is also an outdoor shuffleboard court and a nice corn hole set if you want to play games. Two parking spots come with each unit. One is in front of the condo and the other “guest” spot is farther but in certain painted parking spots. Very nice and friendly, the office staff is there if you have any questions or concerns. In the clubhouse you will find the gym, computers with a printer, and other things like a tv if you decide to hang out there. One thing I really liked about the condos is that it is a gated community so you need a keycard to get in, and this weeds out other people from coming and using the pool and other amenities. Some of the negatives are that the condos do not have a hot tub (even though that wasn’t even one of the things I cared about) and that there is no elevator. We were on the third floor and it got tiring carrying Allison and all of her beach gear up and down the steps every day. Being on the third floor did however give us a nice balcony view of the property.


On this trip, we did not explore much. If that is something you like to do, there are plenty of travel brochures that come in the condo and that list the many activities you can find on the beach and in the surrounding cities. We did decide to visit the beachwear store that seems to be at every beach and that was a big place and full of any souvenir you may want. The roads at St. Augustine are not very crowded because this is not a very well known beach, which is nice, because compared to driving around Hallandale beach, I like this location much better. Outlet stores are 15 minutes away from the condos in case you are interesting in doing shopping on your vacation. My husband, dad, and brother all decided to rent fishing gear at the pier 3 miles away, and from what I heard about it they had a fun experience. They even caught a small fish that was used in soup in one of our dinners.

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Ecclesiastes 8:15 (NIV)  So I commend the enjoyment of life, because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany them in their toil all the days of the life God has given them under the sun.


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