“In God We Trust?”


*This post does not fit in with my blog theme.

I feel like people these days do not care at all about how America got started and the values it was founded on. They want everyone to be “happy” and do whatever they feel is right instead of upholding the “In God We Trust” idea that America began with.

This is why they want to vote for someone like Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Someone who wants gay marriage to be legal, for abortion to be legal, and to give free money away even though America doesn’t have any to spare. Especially on non-working scums that could get a job, but are just too lazy. Politics are not that complicated. If everyone worked hard instead of thinking everything was owed to them, America would not be so in debt and the presidential election would not be as big of a deal. This is because people would be happy without needing a president to justify their wants. Basically, people vote for the person they think will give them anything their selfish hearts desire, instead of voting for the person that will get America back on track.

Of course, there were things that weren’t perfect about the founding fathers and what they wanted for the country, but it was much better then than the way things are today. These days, you can’t have an opinion without someones “precious” little feelings getting hurt. I love my baby girl, and want more kids someday, but I’m scared to have her grow up in this world and country the way it is today. I’m going to have to pray that she listens to what I have to say instead of letting the world influence her. Of course, I want her to be educated and know why people believe the things they believe. The way people grow up has a huge influence on the person they end up becoming. However, I want her to stay true to how her family is and the values that we will teach her. The values of a Godly country, not one based on feelings and people wanting everyone to do whatever they damn well please.

“In God We Trust” is the official motto of America, as explained in Wikipedia, and I think it is time we start recognizing it more. Yes, freedom of religion is important, but it should enhance and expand on America’s constitution- not change it. People need to know that they had more than enough freedoms the way the constitution was originally written and amended, and that changing it will make things even more complicated. Good luck.

“Lets make America great again.” ✌🏼


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