I can sum up coffee in one word. Lifesaver.

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If I did not enjoy the taste of coffee, I definitely would not drink it. Since I do enjoy it, however, coffee comes in handy all the time. Being a new mom of a heavily breastfed baby, I tend run out of energy often. This is why I like to consume caffeine in many forms to keep me up and to keep me from looking like a zombie of sorts. My favorite form of caffeine, of course, is coffee. I love how coffee comes in many forms and types, in addition to the countless flavors. Various sizes (and shapes) depending on your cup choice. From instant, to ground and whole bean. From Mexico, to Ukraine and anywhere in between. Hot or cold. The iced style is one of my favorites and to step it up, try a frozen Frappuccino from Starbucks. The personalization and flavoring options of all of Starbucks’ drinks are second to none. I love me my cup o’ joe.

My sister-in-law is one of those strange people that does not like the taste of the coffee. The delicious and scrumptious liquid gold. How does she do it? Does she have some other sort of caffeine source? Is she magically able to stay awake all day? Even though I spend a lot of time with her, the answer to these questions is still a mystery to me.

Although babies and kids should not consume caffeinated coffee for self-explanatory reasons, they still want to fit in with mommy. Many kids learn to tell when their mom is enjoying coffee, and beg for it when they first get a glimpse of that logo cup or green (Starbucks) straw. One option is to get them a drink that is more engineered for flavor and does not contain caffeine. Another option is to get them “coffee” but have the waitress simply give them whipped cream in a small cup. I’ve seen this being done and it is usually free of charge. This works for kids that cannot read/understand yet and think that they are drinking coffee like mommy. The third option would be to get a Starbucks parody sippy cup called Baby Ducks that can be found at Toys R Us among many other places.


This 7 oz sippy cup (hopefully) looks close enough to the real thing so that your child will be satisfied. Some positives are that it is refillable, which is convenient for multiple uses, and that it can be filled with any drink you (or baby) like. One not-so-nice thing for me is the fact that the cup is only 7 ounces and would probably not hold enough liquid to keep a bigger child happy and thirst free for very long. Unless you refill it, of course. Whatever you chose, make yourself the first priority because we all know a mom can’t give her baby the proper attention if she herself is cranky or lacks sleep.


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