Teething & Toys

Allison has been drooling lately. A lot. I heard its normal for some babies to drool for no reason. For others, its a sign of teething. Allison does not have any teeth yet, but I feel like the process is starting because it can begin months before the first tooth is seen. In addition, she shows most of the signs of teething from the site What To Expect. Signs such as biting down on any toy she puts in her mouth and being more irritable during feedings.


Even though Allison does not hold her teething toys for very long, she still likes playing with them. I recently purchased a new toy for her at Buy Buy Baby called the Oball™ Rhino toy. The Buy Buy Baby website does that have a link for this particular toy but here it is at Toys R Us. She really loves this toy (thank you to my sister for suggesting it) and even tries to put in her mouth to bite it. However, it is not a teething toy and won’t really work that way. Regardless, it’s a fun toy and Allison loves it so far. She is able to hold on to it very easily and that is nice because that means I will have to chase it less often from her having let go of it. DSC_1711DSC_1730DSC_1735


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