To paci or not to paci?

If she won’t take it, someone has to so it doesn’t go to waste. Kidding.

At first, Allison took the pacifier fine. For the first few weeks after the was born. Now, she knows the real deal (she’s breastfed) from the fake thing that pacifiers are made of. It’s really funny how babies gag and spit out pacifiers as if they’re choking them, even though they took them just fine before. I honestly don’t care if she doesn’t take it (she’s almost 3 months). When she’s crying it’s because she’s hungry, needs to be changed, needs burping/farting or is hot/cold. Easy. Normal baby things. She’s also discovered her hands and uses them to calm her down. My fingers work just as well. If she gets to the teething stage or the crying-for-no-reason stage, THEN I will try harder to give her the pacifier. For now, we are both okay with not having one.

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