6 days old & update

Perfect little princess is 6 days old today. We had a rough night last night because I couldn’t get her to stay asleep for longer than an hour at a time, until about 5-6 in the morning. She was up all night eating and pooping on repeat. I managed to stick through it and breastfeed the whole time even though it hurt! Sounds like someone is going through a feeding/growth spurt! Later in the day she got a little “bath” with a washcloth to remove excess skin that she’s been losing. Everything else looks normal and healthy. 🙂 We are still working on the umbilical cord but it should fall off in the next few days.

Allison’s aunt visited again today and we are still expecting a few more visitors in the next few days. Having visitors is nice, but it is very tough keeping the house clean when you’re supposed to be taking it easy and when baby takes up all of your time. Luckily, everyone understands and no one said anything about the house not being at its finest. In the first hour that I had gotten home from the hospital, I had actually cleaned everything and made it presentable, because I knew that there would be visitors. This needed to be done because I slacked while I was pregnant and hadn’t done much before I went into labor. Things were a mess. However, doing things like scrubbing the floors and vacuuming the couches was probably not the best idea at the time. It is crucial, for the postpartum recovery process, to take it easy for the first few weeks. Regardless, I feel like it is my duty, as a wife and mother, to keep my home clean for myself and for guests. When they visited, some of my family members even offered to help clean, watch baby or even both. Again, I felt like it was my duty as a wife and mother to decline them and do it all on my own- with my husband’s help of course. God would not give me a family if he didn’t think that I was capable of taking care of it.

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